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My Baby Grumpy Aiko, Meeting His New Partner And Maybe More Than That 😻 #Cockatiel #Hailstorm #Meeting #Love =^w^= Nyaa…!

Welcome To The Family Girl! 😺😸 I’m Still Searching For Your Name, I Assure You It Will Be Beautiful And You Will Make Us Very Happy 😽 🐥 #Cockatiel #Hailstorm

A Beautiful #Little #Cupcake! 😻 Jommy!

I’m #Strong Because I Was Very #Weak, I’m On #Guard Because I Was #Betrayed, I #Laugh Because I Was #Sad, And I #Live The Day, Because Tomorrow Is Not #Safe. Image Created & Edited By: Lilith-sama K.

I NEED SLEEP!!!!! I’m Super Tired, I Will Die Of Sleep. 😫 #Zombie Mode: ON!






i like how grell’s face is censored

I like how they’re animating the filming of an animated show. 

legit though this fucking show is my favorite thing.



Album: DMMD


Ren and Aoba talking about when they first met.

Aoba: Ren, when did we meet for the first time, again…?
Ren: Do you mean when you purchased me, Aoba?
Aoba: Yeah.
Ren: I recall registering your face about ten years ago.
Aoba: I see, so it was that long ago, huh. I feel like we’ve been together longer, though.
But, we’ve been together for a long time as is.
Ren: That’s true.
Aoba: When I first held you, I thought you were this massive lump of fluff. I feel like you’re even bigger than you were then.
Ren: Isn’t it you who has grown?
Aoba: True. But you’re still fluffy. Besides, we’re like siblings. But now I’m the older brother while you’re the younger one.
Ren: I can’t agree to that.
Aoba: Thought you’d say that.

Beautiful #Song For Always #Listening, But More When You Go To Sleep. 😴💤💜 #Maleficent #LanaDelRey #OnceUponADream #Disney

My #Tongue Is Almost Completely #Red. Beautiful! 😛